Camping cottages

Camping cottage

Camping cottageA small wooden cabin but provided with all the comforts? Check out our Camping cottages!

The Camping cottages are small wooden cabins placed on a big field. The Camping cottages are for 4 persons.

Every Camping cottage is equipped with a living room with small kitchen, a bad room (sink, shower, toilet), two bedrooms. Our cottages are also fully furnished and al have a complete kitchen inventory. There is one cottage which is also suitable for five persons, this one contains one bunk bed. In front of every cottage there is a terrace with a picnic table so you can enjoy the sun or eat outside.


It’s possible to hire a Camping Cottage per night, weekend, midweek or week. In July and August it’s not possible to hire per night.


If you want more information, you can check the Camping Cottage part of our website or you can contact us.


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